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my son's reflux

My son Aidan did not need medication according to his pediatrician.  I tried to breastfeed him, I altered my diet but nothing helped, so at 3 months of age I quit trying.  i pumped my breast milk and froze it.  I tried soy formula and a number of really expensive formulas. I ended up using Enfamil from the pre-mixed can (the powder was too watery) I fed him with the Dr Bown's bottles and this seemed to work.  I feed him less formula, more often.  He was really hard to burp but i had to burp him or he would end up screaming until he puked volumes!!!!  When Aidan started to eat cereal I defrosted my breast milk and put it in his cereal.

I folded a hand towel and placed it behind Aidan's back when he was in his carseat because the car seat aggravated his reflux...which turned out to be a medically proven issue with reflux babies.

My son could never lay flat and that is why the AR Pillow line of products exists.

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