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Will Insurance Cover My Purchase

You do not need a prescription to order any of our products.

 AR Pillow Inc. is a Durable Medical Equipment company (DME) We cannot accept or process insurance so your purchase will be "out-of-network" unless you are part of HCA Healthcare then it can be purchased by the participating hospital, facility or Doctor.  

Diagnostic and Equipment Codes (HCPS codes) You may need a Procedure Code which you will get that from your doctor.  

530.81-Diagnostic Code for Acid Reflux if there is another reason you will need to get that code from your doctor. (you must have this)

E0190 & E1399- Equipment Code for ALL WEDGES/PILLOWS- infant, child, Adult, Nursing, Changing Station wedges (E1399 is a miscellaneous and may be too general so ask if E0190 is covered)

E0621- Equipment Code for Slings and Harnesses- Infant products.

Things you will probably need to submit a claim:

{You will receive an email with links (at the bottom) to all receipts/procedures when you purchase your desired items.}

  1. Prescription from the doctor with the Diagnosis Code, Procedure Code and Equipment Code along with the product name(s).
  2. Letter Of Medical Necessity from your doctor
  3. A receipt with the patients name, correct codes for your product(s), product name and cost.  You will need to show proof of payment so save your credit card statement.  

Because each insurance company and each insurance plan is different you need to start the process by calling the 800# on the back of your insurance card. Be aware that depending on the person you get and their knowledge you may get a different response. If you don't necessarily get the response you want the first time call back in a few hours and talk to a different representative. Some of them will be more helpful and creative than others. Don't give up until they all give you the same answer. Before you call have your insurance card with the plan number and the diagnostic codes for the products you are interested in purchasing in front of you for  Baby AR Pillow 15/30, Child/Adult Wedge, Snuggle Nurser, whichever product(s) you are interested in having covered.

Call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card. Tell them that your baby or yourself  has been diagnosed with reflux and you are inquiring to find out if they cover some positioning products that your physician or therapist has recommended.   

Some insurance companies will have you purchase the items and then download a claim form from their website to submit a claim for reimbursement.  Ask them to walk you through the process so you have no surprises or delays in receiving reimbursement.  AR Pillow Inc. tax ID (EIN) 20-0944534 and National Provider Identifier (NPI#) 1376813485.  AR Pillow Inc. is a DME so this may make the process easier.

Some insurance companies will require you purchase your items from an "in network" provider but if you can prove to them there is not one in your area they frequently will cover the items from an "out of network provider" (typically someone not in your city or state) as well. You may need to submit a letter from the manufacturer that they do not have an authorized manufacturer in your area. If this is the case please email me and I will do my best to get a letter for your item(s). If they don't make an exception for when there is no one "in network", ask them for a list of approved DMEs (durable medical equipment companies) and start phoning them to have one of them purchase from us.

If your insurance company does not cover these items they may be covered under your pre-tax cafeteria plan (IRS Section 125).