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Tiffany Hail's Story


Good Afternoon Liz,
My name is Tiffany Hail and I spoke to you this morning about our AR Pillow as well as .  I wanted to share my story with you, because this pillow has truly made a huge impact on our lives. getting a larger harness because the baby has outgrown the ones we have.  She is now going into the Large harness and to think we started with the Small harness.
Our daughter, born on April 18, 2013, has GERD.  When we brought her home from the hospital we noticed that she would make "grunting" noises when she was sleeping on her back.  We noticed that she was uncomfortable and not sleeping well AT ALL.  We brought up our concern to our pediatrician, who told us that she might have some reflux issues, but not to worry.  We continued to notice how uncomfortable she was, and soon realized that something was seriously wrong.  Anytime she was flat on her back, she would have issues.  We never felt comfortable laying her on her back, so we ended up having to sleep with her in our arms at an angle.  Naps were the same...she was either in our arms or in her baby carrier. Needless to say, we didn't get any rest.  At about 8 weeks, she began vomiting non-stop and choking.  She couldn't keep anything down.  We took her to the pediatrician, and was informed that she might have a stomach bug.  We ended up taking her to the hospital after our pediatrician informed us that we needed to check for pyloric stenosis (after she ruled out the stomach bug).  Luckily, she did not have pyloric stenosis, but we were informed that she had a severe case of GERD.  We were told by the nurse and doctor, "NEVER lay your baby flat on her back.  Always keep her at a 30 degree angle."  We followed up with our pediatrician and specialist, who both told us that we should get her a "wedge" to sleep on.  After many google searches, I found the AR Pillow.  I purchased a 30 degree pillow as well as a 15 degree pillow.  She sleeps on the 30 degree pillow and we place the 15 degree pillow under her changing pad to elevate it during diaper changes.  (We were to the point of having to prop her on pillows to change her diaper.) 
People don't truly understand how much this condition can effect your life.  As stated above, our baby chokes when she refluxes.  The mucus/saliva/formula gets caught in her throat and nasal cavity...and her body closes off her airways to prevent the material from going into her lungs.  Her body stiffens, she arches her back, and she can not breathe.  It's absolutely horrible and very scary.  We have to constantly watch her and be ready to suction her nose and throat.  Nightime is the worst.  She seems to have her most issues when she is tired.  We have noticed a significant difference in her "episodes" since we received the pillow.  Not only does she sleep much better...but so do we.  This pillow has been a LIFESAVER.  I don't think that people understand the severity of this condition.  Everyone seems to think that it's "spit up" and it's normal when your describe it.  (I had to finally take a video to show people)  Until you are a mother or a father of a baby that has this condition and you see your child choking and not being able to breathe...you will see how much the "30 degree angle means"... especially when they're sleeping.  You will never lay your baby down flat on their back.  We have to do several things to monitor and help with her condition (thicken her formula, special formula...Neocate, etc.), but it gives us peace of mind to know that she is safer and sleeping better on the AR pillow. 
Thanks again for putting this product out there.

Tiffany Hail