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Is your Acid Reflux Product covered by your insurance carrier?



AR Pillow processes insurance claims for qualifying customers through our

Duriable Medical Equipment (DME) Affiliates





Is your Acid Reflux Product covered by your insurance carrier?
Insurance coverage varies by carrier and plan so the first step is to call the phone number (usually an 800#)
on either the front or back of your insurance card and ask the representative equipment codes EO-190 (for private insurance)
or EO-1399(miscellaneous code-being used less and less) for the slings E0621. 
You will need to get a diagnosis code (530.81 for reflux) and a procedure code from your doctor before you call the insurance company.  
You will need a prescription from the doctor for the product you wish to purchase and you may need a letter of medical necessity
which we have drafted a sample for you to print out and give to your doctor.   VIEW PAGE
If the Doctor or insurance representative needs to see the product refer them to
You may be required to purchase your wedge through an "In-Network" provider....if so get a few names and numbers.  If these companies do not carrier our products we will drop-ship our products for the "In-Network" DME (durable medical equipment company) and they are unwilling to work with you on it you may be able to go "out-of-network" through us if you can prove to them there is no one in the area that carries the product.  
Also your products may qualify for deduction from your medical flex spending account- check with your plan administrator.
You will need to provider our Tax ID and corporate name and address
AR PIllow Inc
80 Bar Beach Rd
Port Washington NY 11050
EIN# 20-0944534