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How to Achieve a 30 Degree Angle at Home?



In a 30°-60°-90° triangle the sides are in the ratio 1 : 2 : √3. √3 to be approximately 1.732

A Standard crib mattress in the USA is about 51 inches long. 51 ins./1.732=29.44 inches that means you must raise the head of your baby's crib to about 30 inches to achieve a 30 degree angle. That is fairly high and now how will you safely hold your baby at that angle? AR Pillow has the solutions. The Baby AR Pillow is a 30 degree wedge that your baby can be placed on in a reclining position in the crib for sleeping. AR Pillow also offers a 15 degree option. Raise the mattress 15 inches and place the 15 degree wedge at the head of the crib and securely attach it to the crib rails at the head of the crib and position the baby in the 15 degree wedge. The mattress can be lowered or raised to whatever height needed. The advantage is that the mattress does not need to raised so high. The baby will not be "hanging" at a 30 degree angle. AR Pillow products are designed to make an easy transition for your baby off the wedges and into a "normal" sleeping position once the reflux issue has been resolved, that is usually 6-12 months of age, but not always and that is why we make larger harnesses.

A Standard adult mattress is about 72 inches long. To achieve a 30 degree angle you would need to raise the head of the bed about 41 inches... or you can sleep on one of our adult wedges that only raise your upper body to a 30 degree angle. We also have wedges with small and greater degrees.

If you don't see the wedge you need or want , give us a call. We make custom wedges at very reasonable prices. 1-888-442-6542