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Natural Reflux Relief- We all want and need it

The 30 degree angle has been medically proven to relieve reflux symptoms in infants, children and adults.  The cause of acid reflux varies and so does the treatment. We manufacture and sell a line of products that utilize positioning.  We are the only company that offers a varity of angles 15 degrees, 30 degrees and 45 degrees.  The degrees is optimal for relieve but sometimes that is just too high when it comes to sleeping so we offer the 15 degree option.  Sometimes, especially with severe reflux, 30 degrees is not high enough so we off the ability to purchase or create, using the 15 and 30 degree wedge, a 45 degree angle.  Our goal is to relieve suffering and not hurt your wallet at the same time.  

  • Ideal angle to relieve acid reflux for babies, children and adults!
  • Positioning wedge 15 or 30 degree angle eases discomfort associated with head/chest congestion
  • 15-45 degrees is necessary in some post-surgical patients
  • The only manufacturer with products on the market where the baby can be placed in 3 positions; 1-Reclining on the wedge, 2-Prone for Tummy Time, 3- Supine for when your baby needs to be on a straight plane.


The Baby AR Pillow

15 or 30 degree quilted wedge -1 medium harness-1 headring-1 pillow sheet,  comes with optons to purchase additional pillowsheets and additional Harnesses Small, Medium, Large and XLarge so the pillow can be used from newborn to 2 years old.  Remove everything from the pillow and you will have an excellent Child/Adult wedge.  You will never run out of uses for this pillow.  It may even be covered by insurance.






Baby AR Pillow Package Descriptions:

Baby AR Pillow 15/30 degree package- Includes  Baby AR Pillow + 15 degree wedge  MORE INFO

Super Deluxe Baby AR Pillow- Includes Baby AR Pillow + 1 additional harness + additional pair of pillowsheets   MORE INFO

Ultra Deluxe I Baby AR Pillow – Includes Super deluxe +15 degree acid reflux wedge pillow for babies    MORE INFO

Ultra Deluxe II Baby AR Pillow- Includes Super Deluxe Baby AR Pillow + Snuggle Nurser by AR Pillow   MORE INFO 


 Bassinet/ Preemie AR Pillow 

 Includes 30 degree wedge pillow, headring, harness and pillowsheet,   comes with a 15 degree option along with optons to purchase additional pillowsheets and additional Harnesses Small, Medium and Large  so the pillow can be used from tiny newborn to about 16 lbs..  




Bassinet/Preemie Package Descriptions

Bassinet and Preemie AR Pillow 15/30 degree package- Includes- Bassinet AR Pillow + 15 degree wedge  MORE INFO

Super Deluxe Bassinet/ Preemie AR Pillow - Includes Deluxe Bassinet AR Pillow +1 additional harness  MORE INFO

Ultra Deluxe I Bassinet/Preemie AR Pillow – Includes Super deluxe +15 degree acid reflux wedge pillow for babies  MORE INFO

Ultra Deluxe II Bassinet/Preemie  AR Pillow- Includes Super Deluxe Bassinet AR Pillow + Snuggle Nurser by AR Pillow MORE INFO


Our products are covered by most insurance carriers: Use diagnostic code 530.81; E-0621 or E-1399 or EO-190 when submitting your claim.  MORE INFO


Snuggle Nurser by AR Pillow




Elevated Changing Station by AR Pillow


                                    MORE INFO



Child/Adult AR Pillow        






Tucker Crib Mattress Sling



Tucker Wedge/Sling Combo

Folding Contour Wedge Pillow



Position yourself for comfort and a great nights' sleep! Our new 4-way Flip Pillow incorporates a unique 4-way flip design to accommodate your every positioning need. Perfect as a bed wedge pillow, now you rest, relax and rejuvenate like never before, all with the same pillow! Ordinary pillows can be cumbersome to stack. They fall over and sag, leaving you frustrated and unsupported. Ordinary bed wedge pillows are very large and don't provide versatile positioning.  Now it's easy to shift your pillow's position, go from watching TV to falling asleep with just a FLIP of your pillow!
Pillow measures 19in X 20in X 18in  Material: 100% Polyester Fiber Poly/Cotton cover

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