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  • How to Achieve a 30 Degree Angle at Home? (Web Page)

      In a 30°-60°-90° triangle the sides are in the ratio 1 : 2 : √3. √3 to be approximately 1.732A Standard crib mattress in the USA is about 51 inches long. 51 ins./1.7 ...

  • Will Insurance Cover My Purchase (Web Page)

    You do not need a prescription to order any of our products.  AR Pillow Inc. is a Durable Medical Equipment company (DME) We cannot accept or process insurance so your purchase will be "out-of- ...

  • Acid Reflux FAQs (Web Page)

    Acid reflux is a condition that occurs after eating and to which some people are unfortunately genetically pre-disposed.  And there are instances where acid reflux occurs without eating. A prop ...

  • Why you should buy the AR Pillow for your baby (Web Page)

    AR Pillow is the most versatile product for positioning your baby to relieve acid reflux.  Because of its versatility it is the most cost effective solution. Buy this for your newborn and he or ...

  • A Note from The Inventor (Web Page)

    The picture above is my son Aidan Reyher in the original AR Pillow, made back in early 2003.  My son is 8 months old in this picture he loved this pillow.  It saved my sanity.  He st ...

  • Acid reflux in Adults- Symptoms, causes and cures (Web Page)

    Acid reflux disease symptoms Wondering if you have acid reflux disease? Check the list below, but remember that only your doctor can tell you if your acid reflux symptoms are signs of acid reflux ...

  • Research 30+ degree angle (Web Page)

    Research about 30 degrees and how it relieves refluxing: "Placing a baby in a semi-prone position as in an infant car seat only makes GERD worse. Babies with GERD should sleep on their backs in a cr ...

  • En Espanol (Web Page)

  • Baby Reflux & Colic Info (Web Page)

    How common is baby reflux & why does reflux happen? Preemies too! There is a ring of muscle at the bottom of the esophagus (lower esophageal sphincter -- LES) which opens and closes, allowing fo ...

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